1816 – the Draisine.

1816 – Draisine.

A Draisine is the father of all bicycles.


It was designed by Baron Karl Freiherr von Drais Sauerbronn. (Lived from 1785 to 1841).
He completed the first cycle in 1816 the walking bike he called the Draisine.
The balance bike was made of wood and iron. The wheels were made of wood with iron fittings (a kind of cart wheels).
The bike had to be moved forward through your feet to drop to the ground. (See picture)
There where no pedals on the bike as we know the bike of today. that was a later invention.

Gears where also not invented.
The brake was a kind of iron shell, which was pressed against the rear wheel by tightening a strap.
Some primitive? But before that time a golden invention.baron drais

After he obtained a patent in 1817 he sold the invention to an Englishman, Denis Johnson of London.
Johnson obtained the patent in 1818 and called it a hobby horse.
Just as von Drais Sauerbronn he improved the invention too!

In 1820 von Drais Sauerbronn came up with an improved version of the balance bike.


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