1821 – The Lewis Gompertz

1821 – The Lewis Gompertz.

lewis gompertz

The idea of Lewis Gompertz was that instead of “walking” you could do the propulsion carried out on his machine by arm strength.
From the idea of Baron Drais von Sauerbronn to construct a walking bicicle, he changed that bicycle in a machine propelled by hand.

The swivel front wheel had located on the left a notched ring whith braces with teeth.
The whole thing was set in motion with both hands, making the vehicle rolled forward.
A pillow, and a strong support for the breast were required to pull the bracket.
He completed the bicycle from wood with iron hoops on the wheels.

This primitive method of propelling a vehicle without the legs on the floor during the movement, was extremely modern as we think about the period of creation ..

Did you know that Lewis Gompertz was the creator of the first “cycle” on his invention?
And there’s also something of this bicycle in the later Acatene or chain-free.

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