1861 – The velocipede

1861 – The velocipede.

de velocipede

Frenchmen Pierre and Ernest (father and son) Michaux had a good look at the Draisine.
They replaced the wooden beam by iron, slightly springy strips, extended the front axle and mounted it with kick rods (cranks) with pedals.
The pedals turned and the front wheel turned along with it.
A minus : to speed up, the front wheel had to be made larger than the rear wheel.
The Vélocipède is  born.
In England and the US, where they have already been copied quickly, they called it mockingly , ‘bone shakers. Well,  without rubber tires on an unpaved road , they must have shook your bones …

Ernest michaux


Michaux called his bicycle a velocipede. He made them from wood and later steel.

The velopcipede were exported to the Netherlands, among others.
In the Netherlands the First Dutch Factory was founded by the blacksmith Henricus Burgers in Deventer in 1869.

Of course there were drawbacks to this bike.
They where very heavy bikes and the slowly moving  was a problem.

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