1879 – The Lawson

1879 – The Lawson (Bicyclette)

de lawson

The genial builders of the velocipede includes H. J. lawson.
When we talk about the years “Seventy”, whe were still in the era of wooden carts.
Harry Lawson had already acquired a patent in 1876, the safety, a bicycle with hand and foot levers, also separately. He was 24 years old.

The patent was awarded, although it was already applied to a tricycle in 1864, which was baptized as a Rantoone  in Birmingham and was fabricated at Bordesley Works.
Furthermore, it is not impossible that this patent actually deserved his partner Likeman.
The patent No.3954 that was given to him three years later, on September 30, 1879,  with the following revelatory ‘sensational novelties: pedal movement with chain drive, steel spokes in the wheels and a brake on the rear wheel.
The chain safety of lawson became known as the “bicyclette”, a term that came into vogue in France for each rear wheel-driven bicycle and do as opposed to the high “bicycle”.
However, if we run through the history of the bicycle, we see that the velocipede of E. Meyer, mechanic in Paris, which was awarded at the Exhibition at the Pré Catelan in Paris with gold on 5 November 1869, a steel machine with wire spoked wheels of equal height, and a rear-wheel drive by a chain.
And that the real spiritual father in 1869 or rather 1868, the watchmaker André Guilmet was.

Yet every conscientious historian must question the date of that invention, given the implementation of spare parts, which were first invented in later years.


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