1884 – The Kangaroo

1884 – The Kangaroo.

de kangarooThe evolution of the bicycle is done internationally.
Clever people from different countries brought her into our world, and sometimes it appeared that two or more men from various countries had been working on a similar idea.
We take the history of the Kangaroo – safety.
This machine owed its existence to the desire to drive it less dangerous than the high “bi” and thereby make it more general. How could they achieve this?

They wanted to stick to the high “bi”  and thus to the front wheel drive.
The front wheel had to be lower, considerably lower, but the rate per pedal revolution no less.
In France were the clever mechanics, who had thrown heart and soul to the perfection of the bicycle

Rousseau from Marseille was the manufacturer of the “Bicycle Sur ‘ in the year 1877, a velocipede with a different model that attracted the public attention of professionals.
The “bicycle sur” had a front wheel that was only 90 cm. high.

How did the French invention came with the English name “The Kangaroo”?

Well, that was given by the firm Hillman, Herbert and Cooper in Coventry, one of the oldest manufacturers in the British bicycle industry.
They built a machine of this principle and exhibited her at the Stanley Show, the annual bicycle exhibition in Covent Garden in February 1884.

Had the handsome Hillman designed the machine itself, or had he seen it from Rousseau, or heard about, or read?
Or did Rousseau tried to sell his invention in England?
Both of them, of course, could be based on the same idea and the emergence of a same type in two different countries has been a mere chance.
But it was at least seven years earlier in the mind of the Frenchman.

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