1886 – Central Otto Dicycle

Central Otto Dicycle.

central otto dicycleCentral Otto Dicycle is a bike with two large wheels next to each other.
The diameter of the large wheels are 125cm. The rider is sitting between the two big wheels.


At the end of the eighties of the nineteenth century, people were looking for a safer design than the high bi.
The construction of the high bi was somewhat unstable, if you were on a trip on the high bi and drove into anything the risk was great that you got hurt.
For example, by a fall forward on the big wheel. This was not an isolated incident but was the order of the day.
This was because the roads in those days were not really outstanding.


Edouard Carl Friedrick Otto

One of the engineers who were trying to create a safer bicycle was Edouard Carl Friedrich Otto who got a patent in 1879 on the Otto Safety Bicycle.
The “Central Otto Dicycle” had two large wheels of the size of a high-bi, but not one behind the other, but placed adjacent to each other and connected by a shaft.
The saddle was placed above and slightly to the rear of the axle.
Both wheels could run independently and were each driven by its own chain. This made it possible to steer the bike to the left or right.
The Otto Dicycle was quite popular some years  and in 1886 the Otto New Central Gear Dicycle was released with a single chain, but then this bikes were soon forgotten with the advent of the safety bicycle.

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