1926 – The Burger

1926 – The Burger engels

1926 - De BurgerThe Burger is compared to the Safety the bike that has almost everything right.
The Burger has several adjustments so that the bike is a little more like the bike that we know today.
The improvements that have been made to the Burger are a chain guard, carrier and pneumatic tires instead of solid tires.

Women Model with double support tube.

Characteristics Burgers from late 20s have two support tubes or “men” between the curved and straight downtube. Burgers use this on the more expensive models from about 1920 as ‘Superbe’ and ‘Royal’.
From the late 20s all models are equipped with these two support tubes.
Some other brands (among others Gruno), also have these two support tubes.

The Burger is a bike that today is recognizable like a grandma bike with or without gear. There is also a bike brand “Burgerscycles” that has been making bikes since 1869 under this name. With the most in a running models.

History of the Burgers.

The history of Burgers is almost 150 years back in time.
In 1869, the blacksmith Henricus Burgers from Deventer sets up the first Dutch bicycle factory, and with Burgers it is the oldest bicycle brand in the Netherlands.
In the development of cycling Burgers are at the forefront , Burgers won in 1900 a silver medal at the Paris World Exhibition for the development of the first folding bicycle.
In the following years, Burgerss became one of the leading bicycle brands in the Netherlands and abroad.
After World War II the tide turns. With the resignation of Burgerss’ director, the company goes down with the introduction of new models that where behind the facts.
In 1961, Burgerss was taken over by Rijwielenfabriek Pon from Amersfoort.
For many years, Burgers shows little activity, until in 1992 the production is taken over by WSB from Drachten.
WSB introduces the “Grandma bicycle” again, and Burgers is back alive.
In 2003 Rijwielgroothandel Flier takes over the distribution of the Burgers bikes for Middle Netherlands itself.

In 2006 Rijwielgroothandel Flier introduces a new bicycle, the Retro.
Flier introduces several new modern models that are picked up by the market. The current collection is as authentic as topical, because despite of the nod to the past, all Burger bicycles are of the highest quality.


Website: http://www.burgersfietsen.nl

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