32ste Fietsvierdaagse Venray gets visit.

fiets4daagse venrayIn a few weeks, the 32th Fietsvierdaagse Venray starts. From 26 / 29th July, thousands of cyclists from all over the Netherlands and neighboring countries Belgium and Germany will take part in our event.
(Fietsvierdaagse = 4 days bicycle event)
The three-star rated NTFU Fietsvierdaagse Venray, takes you through signposted routes through the flat northern Limburg and Brabant Peel region and our neighboring country Germany. This year our routes are renewed to a very large area with several new restingplaces and control sites.
On the final afternoon, Friday, July 29th, participants will be welcomed by the Rose Queen of Lottum, Rianne Thijssen. The Rose Queen and her Rosalotjes will assist in the presentation of the medals and also several roses will be distributed to the participants.

Rianne Thijssen is named on Sunday, May 1st Rose Queen of 2016.
Rianne is no stranger regarding the Rose Festival. During the previous edition of the festival, she was a background dancer for the former Rose Queen. This time she performs in the foreground and will undertake this royal function itself.

fietsvierdaagse venray

Lottum is a small village in northern Limburg with a rich history in the rose cultivation and tree cultivation. Approximately 70% of the Dutch garden roses come from Lottum and environment. The village is therefore rightly called the Rose Village of the Netherlands. The inhabitants of Lottum are proud that the village is the Rose Village of the Netherlands, and promote this among other things by organizing the Rose Festival. During the Rose Festival the entire center of Lottum will be for a few days turned into one big rosegarden. The streets are decorated with rose mosaics around the market and there will be several model gardens.
35,000 cut roses are processed in the church into one gigantic flower arrangement and around the Castle Borggraaf and a large field near the Maas appear beautiful pink creations.
In total, millions of roses are used to dress Lottum. There is an extensive entertainment on five stages and there is ample opportunity to, while enjoying a drink and a delicious slice of Limburg pie, enjoy all the wonderful creations. A garden fair, roses and flower arranging demonstrations and plenty of information on greenhouse and outdoor roses complete the picture.

The Rose Festival is organized every two years and will take place on 12 till 15 August and this year’s theme will be ‘Roses from Art .
During the previous edition in 2014 visited more than 50,000 people from home and abroad the Rose Festival. Tickets are on sale online at www.rozendorp.nl .

The Fietsvierdaagse Venray and the Rose Festival have been working together for several years to promote each other’s events. For example, the Rose Queen of 2012 Joya Hanegraaf was present at the opening of the 28th Fietsvierdaagse Venray, the Rose Queen of 2014 Suzanne Verhaegh-Seuren gave a dance concert on the Grote Markt in Venray, to promote the Rose Festival. And so this year Rianne Thijssen is our royal guest at our 32th fietsvierdaagse.

During our final afternoon on Friday, July 29th, we close our event festive with the raffle of a bicycle among the tenderers. Overall, more than enough reasons to register for our event.

We hope to meet you during our four-day 32th cycle event in Venray, 26 till 29 july, 2016. 

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