3D print your own power assist.

trapondersteuningYou can use a 3D printer to create your own pedal assistance.

Yes. everything is possible with the advent of cheaper 3D printers.
That also thought Mech Engineer Mike, 3d printer and enthusiastic designer.
He recently put a instruction on the Internet to make your own power assist.
And all in all it cost you around € 300, –
The motivation for this actually came because commercial kits were too expensive for his budget.

Complete with a simple operational design, no additional friction, easy to remove, a lot of power, quite a distance and at an affordable € 300, – for material costs, there really is not much negative to say about what Michael thought.

As shown in the above video, it is firm and it is really a breeze to attach him, and even reconfigure to any seatpost whatsoever.
And although not all tires are compatible with this early version of the design, there is no reason to think of variations of Michael’s version, and which are due to appear on the Internet.

If you are eager to make one yourself, you can easily buy all the mechanical parts over the Internet, while the 3D printable files can be purchased online for $ 10 at Pinshape .

From a printing perspective, a reliable home FDM 3D printer will be sufficient.
Michael also notes that the completed parts need a little post-processing to make sure that everything fits together nicely.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your way of thinking), this is probably not a project for beginners in the world of 3D printing.
Knowledge of motors, circuitry, wiring and batteries are all needed to complete the project.
But if time is your friend and are curious about extensions for a regular bike, then this is definitely a project for you.

And even though there are some restrictions, such as an inability to work in wet conditions, it is certainly the low-cost alternative to an E-bike that Michael has created to produce.


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