Accessories for the bicycle.

AccessoiresAccessories are components which are not directly necessary for the bikes. They can significantly increase the enjoyment and safety.
They are divided into two groups: standard, to be installed on the bike, and sold separately.
Almost all bicycles are sold with a variety extras. Only bare road bikes and mountain bikes are with none or few available.
At each city bike is a front and rear fender, carrier, dress guard, chain, lock, Fastener and bell mounted.
Also, hybrids are usually supplied complete with accessories . The difference with the city bike is that the dress-guard is missing, the chain guard is open, there are mounted one or two bottle holders and most of the accessories are lighter components.
For loose sales you can think of panniers, bike computers, cycling shoes, bike helmets and cycling clothes are mainly sold to the sportive cyclist.
Generally they have a lot of money on their hobby making it for the sports market a high price range costumer.
In addition to the accessories for the sports market, there are also extra features for the bike like bicycle trailers and child seats.
Also bicycle pumps and other specific bike tools fall under the category, and are sold separately.
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