Alternative bikes.

Alternative bikes.

alternatieve fietsenIn addition to the ordinary bicycle, there are also alternative bikes, which differ completely in construction and are clearly intended for specific applications. The three most common:

  • the tandem
  • the folding bicycle
  • the recumbent.

In tandem the stage power of two cyclists is transmitted on one bike.
Because the stoker is always out of the wind a tandem is faster than a regular bike.
The biggest advantage of a tandem is that you never have to wait for each other.
The tandem is ideal for couples to tour together or go on vacation.
Alternatieve fietsenThe classic Dutch tandem is especially suitable for touring quietly. See fig. 15.
With the modern hybrid tandem high speeds can be achieved and long holiday trips can be made. See fig. 16.
The forces on a tandem are larger than a regular bike.Quality tandems have a frame with oversized tubes and additional strengthening tubes, a special reinforced fork and wheels with 44 spokes.

Alternatieve fietsenThe part- and folding bicycle is mainly bought by people who want to take free bicycles on the train. See fig. 17.
For this purpose, it is sufficient that the bicycle has a pivot point in the frame.
There are also folding bikes that can be folded into small manageable packets.
These are especially designed for people who want to take the bike on boat or caravan trips. See fig. 18.
To remain compact, folding bikes have a small frame and small wheels.

Alternatieve fietsenAt the recumbent bike is totally different attitude.
Rather than erect you lie back with your legs straight out.
The major advantage of this approach is the reduced drag and thus a higher speed to achieve.
You also get a recumbent no sore.
The more you lie back in a recumbent, the lower the resistance and the less the buttocks are taxed. See Figure 19.
There are many different Recumbent for daily use. available models. See fig. 19 and 20.
Alternatieve fietsen
Especially on long straight roads the recumbent is faster and more comfortable than a regular bike.Recumbents are therefore especially suitable for commuters and long touring and vacation trips.

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