Alternative frame structures for mountain bikes

Alternative frame structures for mountain bikes.

frameconstructies voor mountainbikesThere are many alternative frame structures used for mountain bike frames.
This is due to the specific requirements that are placed on a mountain bike frame, the manufacturers free thinking of building and the need to distinguish themselves with a different frame structure.
The most striking difference between the traditional frame and standard mountain bike frame is the sloping top tube , and the resulting shorter seat tube.
The top tube is lowered on mountain bike frames to have more room, to swing the bicycle between your legs and back and to put the feet in rugged terrain on the ground.
Some mountain bikes have an elevated chainstay mounted above the chain attached to the seat tube.
This will prevent the chain to hit the rear fork.
With this construction, the chain can be removed without chain tool.
The rear wheel can be positioned closer to the seat tube because the chain stay is mounted above the chainring.
A completely different frame is created by connecting the rear dropouts directly with the head tube and to fasten the bracket and the seat tube on this central bar.
This construction is mainly used to provide a different, special appearance bike.


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