Attachment of the pedals to the cranks.

Attachment of the pedals to the cranks.

Bevestiging van de pedalen aan de cranksPedals are screwed to the cranks.
The left pedal is being put with left-hand thread to prevent the pedal to get loose when cycling.
When you disassembly and assembly a pedal, you must take this into account because some pedals can get stuck.
It is smart to disassembly and assembly them with a special pedal wrench (Figure 16).
This wrench has greater leverage than a normal wrench.

If a pedal has a left or right-hand thread (Figure 17) shows the shape of the thread. Left-hand thread indicates when the thread is looking to the left.
In addition, it is usually indicated on the pedal if it is a left or right pedal.
When pedals have left hand thread a mark is put on the axle, L (from Left), G (from gauche, French for Left) or S (for sinistra, Italian for left).
When pedals have right-hand thread state an R (from right) or D (from droit, French for right or D (from destra, Italian for the right). Bevestiging van de pedalen aan de cranks
The most commonly used thread is BSC 9/16 “x 20 TPI. French pedals can have M14 x 1.25 as thread.
When mounting the thread must be clean and lightly smeared with grease.






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