Bagage racks.

Bagage racks.

BagagedragersBaggage racks need to carry luggage on the bike.
The concept of luggage must be interpreted broadly.
On a robust baggage rack can sit someone.



BagagedragersThe baggage rack of the city bicycle consists of a steel tube which is bent into a rectangle of approximately 15 cm wide.
The tube is supported by two brackets which are attached to the rear axle.To get a good support grille slats are squeezed between the tubes of the rectangular tubes.
Bracket and support can also be integrated.
The carrier then consist of two tubes of the seatstays in a curve to the rear axle.Between the two tube halves are grille slats arranged to form the support base.



BagagedragersOn hybrids is usually mounted a lightweight aluminum carrier.These are not strong enough to carry someone. When the carriers are used to attach side bags it is important that the bag does not come between the spokes, but snugly against the carrier. Good baggage racks for panniers have additional side rails where the panniers rest against. See fig. 18 and 19.



BagagedragersAlso at the front a luggage carrier can be mounted.
There are supports having a supporting surface above the steering wheel.
It is not wise to carry heavy luggage here because it deteriorates the steering stability.



BagagedragersBetter are the Bagage racks for special low-riders. These are attached to the vorkpat and in a special eye halfway the front fork.
Lacking the eye, then the carrier can also be put down with a special clamp to the front fork.
To provide low-riders adequate stability, the left and right halves must be equipped with a bracket that are connected to each other.

BagagedragersIn order to carry easy luggage elastic straps are very useful.
There are straps that are mounted on the axle of the wheel and loose straps with hooks. See fig. 23.



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