Bicycle chain.

The Bicycle chain.

The chain ensures that the drive power is transmitted through the chainring to the sprocket and thus the rear wheel.

de kettingThe ordinary chain for bicycles with a single chain wheel consists of the following parts:

  • The inner plates.
  • Hollow buses. They connect the inner links.
  • The roles. These are placed around the buses and can freely rotate around the bus.
  • The outer plates.
  • The pins. This is connecting the outer plates (an outer plates consists of two plates and two pins) to the inner plates (an inner plates comprises two plates, two buses and two rolls). The pins can rotate freely in the bushes.

The distance between two links is 1/2 “. The distance in the width between two links is in the normal chain 1/8 “.

A narrower chain is mounted on bicycles with derailleur gears. The derailleur chain differs in three ways from the ordinary chain:

  • The inside width of a derailleur chain is narrower because the chain wheels are narrower. In ordinary chains, this is 1/8 “. At derailleur chains, this is 3/32 “. The outer width of the chain is not the same for all derailleur chains. Derailleur chains are not necessarily interchangeable.
  • With the derailleur chain buses are replaced by converted fiercest edges the links inside. As a result, the derailleur chain in the transverse direction can bend so that it slides more smoothly from one sprocket to the other sprocket. Especially with index shifting, this is of importance.
  • Ordinary chains have a separate connecting link, in order to break the chain and to be able to replace it. Derailleur chains may be also carried out with such a connecting link. This is quite different in construction.

When maintenance or installation of a new chain must be paid to the following points:

  • The right type of chain.
  • The exact width of the chain
  • lubrication of the chain.
  • Wear of the chain
  • The correct tension of the chain.
  • The correct chain line.

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