Bicycle lights. Well visible.

With the right bicycle lighting you remain visible.

Especially in these dark days around December and January, it is wise that you are well visible on the bike.
People that cycle in town or lit streets in a village forget quickly to put on the bicycle lighting.
Coupled with dark clothes and worse weather conditions this is not really wise.
Many modern bikes have excellent lighting, often in newer shape with LED lights.
And with modern hub dynamo’s it is no longer heavier to cycle.
The more expensive e-bikes have even builtin sensors so that the lights shall be set automatically when it gets darker.
And that goes even further with brake sensors making the back light brighter if the cycle is slowing domn.

But what if the bicycle lighting is faulty?

If the bicycle lighting does not work anymore, then there is very much possible.
You can see if the lights can be repaired.
Is there a light bulb or LED broken? The wiring is not damaged? And do the lights operates on batteries and need to be replaced?
If you can not figure it out, then the bike shop can probably help you.

But what if the bicycle lighting is beyond repair?
Through your bike shop, or through the Internet, there can be found a lot of bicycle lighting.

Quick fixes. LED

Many of whom are cycling in urban areas, where thre are many street lights, there are many alternatives.
Simple LED lights that you can mount or click on the frame that provide adequate lighting.
The advantage of this lighting is that the price is reasonable low, they take a long time with a battery, and often are so well build that they are protected reasonably well against the weather.
Please note that these lights are simply clicking on the frame, often can be quickly removed by yourself, but also by mischief or theft.
Lighting that you must assemble with tools are naturally better secured.

If you want to really stand out.

If you ride a lot in the countryside, it is important to have much better lighting.
Outside urban areas, there is often no street lights and then you really depends on your own enlightenment in order to alert other road users that you’re there.
This are therefore much better lighting kits on the market, but you also often have to grope deeper into their pockets.

The intensity of proper lighting is given in lumens. The higher the number the more light.
Many headlights with LED lighting start from 120 lumens. And this can be up to 2000 lumens.
The lighting is often also stated in lux.

Please remember that you do not blind your oncoming traffic during assembly of the very strong lights.

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