Bicycle Locks

bicycle Locks.

gehardstalenketting1 Hardened steel chain.

The word says it all. These chains are made of hardened steel so that they can even be very difficult to cut with bolt cutters.
In collaboration with a solid lock this is the best method to secure your bike safely on something solid.
Meanwhile, many more hardened steel chains entered the market, often with a cover to prevent damage to your bike, and usually with round links that are square cut.


discusslot2 Discus Locks.

In second place the discus lock, which deter thieves.
The lock offers few points to break it open.
There are sometimes discus locks on the street, but always unopened.
Then the chain is cut open.
The disc lock therefore depends on the chain.
Rule of thumb: the thicker the chain is attached to the disc, the less battle space on the latch to tap it open.




3 Shakle locks.

In shackle locks or U-locks is a big difference in quality.
The criterion can be applied: the heavier (because more steel), the better the lock.



4 Ring locks.

Weakness of a ring lock is that you can not attached the bike to anything else.







5 Cable lock.

The thicker cable locks look impressive, but that is often only apparent.
Some, like the Stahlex- or Pex cables feature a thick plastic layer, while the inside is more rope than iron or steel wire.
The closure is often fragile.



spiraalkabelslot6 Spiral Cable locks.

The spiral cable lock is together with the armored cable lock and ordinary chains with padlock to get most easily opened by thieves.
Together, they are also in last place.
The technique to open the spiral cable lock is simple: cut open.
This works even without (major) bolt cutters.
Actually, all locks of this type are fairly easy to cut open, whether it is an expensive or an unbranded one.

Let the argument that the lock is easy to carry not inspire you to buy one.

kettingmethangslot7 Chain with padlock.

Unless you have an insanely strong chain of hardened steel and a very good lock,
this combination is not recommended .
The ‘normal’ chains are a favorite target of thieves with bolt cutters, which open the chain with one cut.
The old test with the hacksaw (in hardened steel, you can not slice), unfortunately does not always work.
Some chains have a layer of hardened steel on the outside but inside they are porous.



8 Armoured Cable locks.

Armored cable locks are the locks which, together with the ring locks, most are sold for reasonable prices.
However, it is also the lock that thieves point out as worthless.
The lock is easy to force with bare hands, or perhaps with a stone that is lying around.

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