Bicycle route het Dwingelderveld and surroundings.


Bicycle route Dwingelderveld and Spier.

The Bicycle route Dwingelderveld and Spier in Drenthe, That is a good cycling route.
Hence a new bicycle route on our site.
The Fietssite site has already cycled the route for you , and a part of the route posted on youtube so you can get an impression of this beautiful area.
Besides the ever so beautiful National Park Dwingelderveld you cycle this route through the villages Spier and Pesse and the countryside around it.
You can park your car at the Boslounge. Oude Postweg 12 in Spier.
Where you can drink a delicious cup of coffee, or enjoy an ice cream when you return.

The Fietssite has enjoyed this tour, and we hope that you also enjoy it.

The bicycle route is on this page.

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