Bicycle route Schokland, UNESCO world heritage.

Fietsroute schoklandA short route for bicycle lovers, the route is only 24 km long.

The route is only 24 km, but you need a afternoon to cycle it and want to see everything that is on this route.
The Cycle Route itself takes you from Emmeloord to the former island of Schokland. Unesco World Heritage.
Through beautiful farm land and nature.

An archaeological monument full of wonderful natural resources.
A place between land and water, where for centuries people lived.
Always in conflict with nature.

Schokland is a village and a former island in the Noordoostpolder, in the Dutch province of Flevoland, which was evacuated in 1859 due to insecurity and because the conservation of the island was too expensive.

fietsroute schoklandOn the edge of Schokland is the Rock Garden and the therein situated Visitors Center The Flevo landscape.
This offers a lot of information about the origin of stones and the Ice Age.
A visit to the former island of Schokland actually begins at the visitor’s Rock Garden.
The hosts and hostesses will tell you what there is to see in the area.

You can find more information about the Rock Garden over here.

Fietsroute schoklandAnd there is a museum.

The museum is located on the Middelbuurt Area, one of the three residential mounds of the former island of Schokland.
The museum includes the historical museum church from 1834.

Exhibitions and expositions

The museum’s permanent exhibition shows the unique history of Schokland. There are also temporary exhibitions and the museum organizes courses on geology, archeology and history. In the museum shop you can find amongst other souvenirs, postcards and books.

The route is only 24 km long, but by all the sights you can still pull four hours for this tour.

On our Youtube channel is a film of this cycle route.

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