Bicycle Trailers.

Bicycle Trailers.

FietsaanhangersBike trailers are used to transport luggage, children and surfboards. The bike trailer for luggage generally consists of a steel frame in which a wooden or plastic tray is inserted. On the side the frame is provided with two small wheels and at the front of a rod for fastening to the bicycle.

The wheels are small (usually 406), a measure that is also used for BMX Cycling. Bicycle trailers have small wheels, because they are taxed indirectly if the trailer goes through the bend. The wheels are thus subjected to bending. The smaller the distance between the road surface and the shaft, the better they are resistant to this bending force. The injection molding plastic wheels are better suited for bicycle trailers than spoked wheels. To properly use the trailer on bike paths, the wheelbase shall not exceed 75 cm.

The trailer can be attached to the seat post, the carrier and attached to the rear fork. The safest place is low at the axis of the rear wheel. If the trailer has been confirmed high, the mass of the trailer will push the rear wheel up at the moment that the bicycle will brake hard. Another disadvantage of a high mounting is that the carrier of the bike is no longer useful because the rod runs over it. For confirmation of the trailer usually a coupling must be attached to the bicycle. The coupling must be designed so that it is impossible that the trailer becomes detached during cycling.

Trailers must be equipped with good side reflection, rear reflector and rear light when cycling with the trailer in the dark. The rear reflector and the rear light are to be applied, rear left. Figure 42 Shows a bike trailer that is easy to store.

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Children can also be transported in a special trailer. Especially the transport of two children in a trailer where two children can sit next to each other is more practical than a front and rear carrier on the bike.
For transporting children in a special trailer same rules apply as for the transportation of children in a child seat. The child should be safe and comfortable in the trailer, are well screened from rotating parts and are securely locked with a safety belt.

Trailers for surfboards are usually sold in special shops for surfboards and not in the bike shop.

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