Bike path on old railroad track Eindhoven – Valkenswaard

FietspadPreviously, you could take the train from Eindhoven through Waalre to Valkenswaard and on to Belgium.
The railway is lifted years ago and few can actually still remember the railroad ties and rails.
The railroad track was until recently between the High Tech Campus and Valkenswaard little more than a dirt road and a short bike path.
Until recently, because now there is a enlightened and paved bike path.

The bike path runs largely through the woods and there are no busy roads nearby.
Not everyone is going to enjoy cycling when there are no street lights.
Therefore, LED lighting is applied along the entire path.
Mainly because the commuter bicycle traffic will use the path, the lights will be extinguished outside peak hours.
Literally ‘extinguish’ the lights are slowly dimmed after the evening rush hour.

Below is a map of the project.
There is a branch to the stations coffeehouse in Waalre, that still recalls the time when trains still drove here.


The bike path runs from Valkenswaard through Waalre to Eindhoven and is one of the local (Nulplus) measures carried out from area development Border Corridor N69.
Motorists who live up to 15 km from their work, have thus a comfortable and quick alternative.

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