Bike route Oldemarkt

fietsroute-oldemarkt-munnikeburen-scherpenzeel-ossenzijlA new cycle route on de Fietssite. Namely from Oldemarkt to Munnekeburen – Scherpenzeel – Ossenzijl and back to Oldemarkt.

A not so long bike trail, but a marked cycle route with a crossing by means of a ferry that you have to control yourself.
This requires some muscle strength.
Moreover, there is a large section of the bike trail with a shell trail which is not too wide, and here and there, unfortunately, still maintained poor.
Good tires is therefore also a need for punctures is not fine.

But the route is extremely beautiful. You cycle through the Rottige Meente.
A rich nature area. With an abundant plant and animal life, with even otters that swam down from the nearby Weerribben.

Overall a nice route to explore.

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