Bio-cycle path in Drenthe.

bio-fietspadDrenthe gets the first bio-cycle path. Between Klazienaveen and Barger Oosterveen at Emmen this summer a test piece of 200 meters ‘Bio-Cycle path’ is created largely built from wood.

In fact, it is Bio-composite, which consists of a mixture of bioresin and natural raw materials such as wood, cork or rice. Similar material has been used to construct terraces.

According to experts, the material offers a good alternative to asphalt and concrete. It is lighter and would be better used in swampy areas. Furthermore, it has a low environmental impact in raw materials and energy. the material is also frost-resistant, recyclable and is expected to have a long life.

This last, and for example also the skid resistance of the road surface, is among other topics of research that will be conducted in the coming period in Drenthe.

The environmentally friendly aspect will be emphasized by making efficient LED lights along the path with smart sensors so that the natural colors of light in the morning, night and evening can be followed easily. This allows disturbance of the environment is limited. Savings are achieved in energy by dimming the lights in the night hours. If the sensors detect road users or the security circumstances require, such as fog or an AMBERT Alert, then automatically light levels adapts.

The pilot in Drenthe is the resulting product from the INTERREG V program “Bio-economy in the non-food sector. This Dutch-German program focuses on networking and cross-border development of biobased products.

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