Brake pads.

Brake pads.

RemblokkenProperly functioning brake pads or brake shoes are essential for the operation of the brake. The coefficient of friction of the material of the brake pad with the material of the brake surface is decisive for the quality of the brake pad. The choice of the right pad should always be made in relation to the material to braking. Also, the coefficient of friction in wet must be taken into account again. A high coefficient of friction in dry weather does not mean that when it rains the friction coefficient remains the same.

Other factors have no impact on the primary braking performance. A larger surface area of ​​the pad does not have a better braking action as a result. Indeed, the friction force is only dependent on the force with which the pad presses against the braking material and the coefficient of friction between the materials. the pressure force is not increased by a larger surface area. A larger surface gives a better cooling of the brake and the brake pads wear down slower due to the larger surface. Because of this they need to be replaced less quickly and the brakes need to be updated less frequently. Pads feature profile. This does not increase the primary brake function. However, the profile sweeps rainwater better of the rim and the cooling pads. Brake pads of side-pull-up brakes are provided with internal screw thread and are directly fastened with a bolt to the hooves of the brake. Brake pads for cantilever brakes are provided with a cylindrical shaft which are attached via a clamp to the arms of the brake.

RemblokkenIn the hub brakes, there is no no choice for the mounting of different brake blocks. Hub brakes are supplied as complete systems. Rim brakes are also usually come with pads.
However does it make sense to make a choice for the pads to mount. By wear will need replacing brake pads. Even then it makes sense to install proper pads. The depth of the profile in the brake pads is a good indication of the wear.

For steel and aluminum wheels with ceramic braking surface is wise to use different brake pads. Manufacturers with a wide range, indicating which pads fit any rim material. So Magura delivers black brake pads for aluminum rims, gray and green pads for stainless steel, ceramic or black anodized wheels and carbon brake pads for all untreated wheels. It is quite difficult to compare the quality between pads manufacturers themselves. Occasionally, a comparative study will be published in professional journals. Brake shoes are usually made of a synthetic rubber as well as leather and plastic are used.

The brake pads must be free of the rim. Common of these is a distance between the rim and brake pad of approximately 2 mm.
At V-brakes pads are about 1 mm from the rim.
The disadvantage of the very close to putting the rim of the brake pads, it is not able to free the rim from the braking pad directly at a small stroke in the wheel.

Brake pads should be installed with a certain direction (toe-in’.
This means that they are in, turning direction, closer to the rim.
If this is the other way round then there is a risk that, at the moment
when the brake pads touch the rim, they will be taken, and the brake will beep, vibrate or even block.
Brake pads installed without turning direction will wear out faster.

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