Freehub with integrated freewheel.

The freehub with integrated freewheel.

cassettenaaf met geïntegreerd freewheelNowadays are cassette hubs commonly used with integrated freewheel.

The big difference with the classic freewheel is that the freehub freewheel always right on the shaft is mounted.
The freewheel is supported thereby at the two ends. As a result, the load on the axle, the hub and freewheel is much more favorable.
For the attachment of the freewheel on the hub is no threaded necessary with large diameter.
With the cassette hubs, the outer housing may thereby have everywhere the same small diameter, so that there can be used one type of mounting for the chain wheel. The cassette hub is sold as an integrated unit with the hub.
However, the freewheel of the hub can be taken off, and as a separate part to be replaced.

cassettenaaf met geïntegreerd freewheelWith Shimano and Sachs, the right cup is not housed in the hub, but to the right in the inner housing of the freewheel.
The freewheel constitutes an integrated part of the hub.

With Shimano, the free-wheel is mounted in two different ways.
The hub may be provided with external teeth and internal teeth of the freewheel.
The free-wheel with internal teeth is fixedly put on the hub with an Allen screw. See Fig. 65a.
The hub can also be provided with internal screw thread which is tightened in the freewheel with an Allen wrench.
In order to disassemble the freewheel, it must be removed from the axle hub.
In the older versions of Sachs, the freewheel on the shaft is pressed.
These freewheels can only be disassembled by a special pulley.
The new versions, the freewheel is mounted between the two Cones of the freehub.

In the cassette hub of Campagnolo, the detent mechanism is disposed between the outer housing and the hub.
The freewheel itself has an inner housing which is secured on the shaft and an outer housing where the chain wheels are pushed on. See afb.65c. Between the houses are two fixed bearings.
By this construction, both the hub and the freewheel with two bearings are mounted on the shaft.
When the freewheel is dismantling the ratchet release.
cassettenaaf met geïntegreerd freewheelA special spring is available for the mounting of the detent mechanism, which keeps the pawls together. See fig. 66.
After that the freewheel is slid onto the shaft and the pawls are in the freehub, the spring can be pulled away.
Freewheel for Freehubs should not be disassembled.
If the freewheel makes cracking sounds, it must be rinsed clean and should be newly greased which is specially suitable for the freewheel.
When the pawls no longer operate, or when the freewheel has too much play, it needs to be replaced in its entirety.



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