Choice of the tire.

Choice of the tire

de keuze van de bandThe choice of tire is determined on the bike through the substrate which is driven on and the importance attached to comfort and speed. On the ordinary dutch bicycle is generally mounted a 37 mm broad band with a fine profile.
The width ensures that the tire over poor road surfaces gives adequate suspension.
On racing bikes are generally narrow high-pressure tires mounted without profile or low profile. Road bikes are generally used on smooth asphalt.
A profile is not required and suspension is not really necessary. When someone with a road bike want something more comfortable it is wise to fit a slightly thicker tire, for example, a 25 or 28 mm tire.
On mountain bikes are mounted wide studded tires. The profile ensures that the tire has a good grip on the ground in rugged terrain. The thickness of the tire ensures that the tire has enough suspension.
On hybrids is generally mounted a slightly narrower tire with studs then on mountain bikes.
As a result, the tire is better suited for all-round use.

Many people drive with studded tires only on relatively smooth roads. Because the studs do not feature on slippery surfaces, and they have a high rolling resistance, it makes sense to replace the tire by a slick or semi-slick tire.

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