Clincher tire.

Clincher tire.

draadbandThe clincher Tire is composed of a carcass with bead wires. The bead wires are hoops of steel wire, making such a tire is difficult to fold.
The steel wire core in the tire bead prevents that the tire under pressure may be too large and thus can bounce off the rim.

Before the clincher tire was frequently used a tube of (English) tubular tire (= tubular tire).
This is a tire in which the tube is sewn into the tire. The tire is here perfectly round, and in the seam was provided with shockproof ribbon. The tire is glued down with special glue on the rim. The rim for a tube differs in form from the rim for an “ordinary” wire tie.
Within cycling, the tube was until more than a decade ago the standard for any serious racer, both professional and amateur.
Benefits of the tube above the ‘normal’ clincher was the perceived lower rolling resistance, lower weight and (shape) the ability to flatten (so quickly) to pass through a bend.

Clincher tires have had since the past twenty years rapid development, so that tubes do not offer many advantages.

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