Construction Sachs, Torpedo en Favorit.

Construction Sachs, Torpedo en Favorit

constructie Sachs Torpedo en FavoritThe hub with coaster brake which is operated through cylindrical retainers consists of the following main components:

  • The hub shell with left and right cup, the spoke flanges and the inner shell which both the brake cylinder can engage when the pawls of the drive section.
  • The brake lever with brake arm. This is placed on the shaft just as as the cone of an ordinary hub. The arm placed on the fixed part of the brake, just as with the drumbrake, and secured to the frame.
  • The brake shell. This is loosely pushed on the brake cone.
  • Brake cone with ratchet rings and pawls. The brake cone is connected to the driver head. At the moment that the drive head rotates to the rear the pawls on the brake cone push the brake shell to the outside, then pushes against the hub and brakes the wheel.
  • The drive head with pawl holder and pawls. The pawls on the driving heads engage on the casing of the hub shell at the time the drive head clockwise rotate faster than the hub. The drive head is pushed onto the shaft. The drive head is equipped with two ball tracks. One for the balls between the hub and the drive head and one for the balls between the drive head and fixed right hand cone on the shaft. The balls rotate between the hub and drive head at the moment that the gear wheel is stationary. The balls between the drive head and fixed right hand cone running at the time the drive head drives the hub.
  • The sprocket. This is slid on the driver and secured by a spring ring.
  • The shaft with the fixed right hand cone.
  • Axle bolts and lock nuts.
  • Ball bearing.

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