Construction of the pedal.

Construction of the bicycle pedal

The bicycle pedal has three components:

  • The shaft attached to the crank
  • The bearing
  • The house of the bearing that has the surface for the foot.

The shaft is bolted to the inside of the bicycle pedal to the crank. Because the shaft is attached to one side, the shaft at the crank is the most under bending stress.
The shaft is made of hardened chrome molybdenum steel.

Pedals can be disassembled in a number of cases.
Pedals that are not to be dismantled must be replaced in its entirety as they slack, have a hard rotation, a tick is in or are crooked.
With removable pedals, the pedal can be disassembled, or the bearing parts can be replaced, and the bearing can usually be adjusted.
The pedal should have a little bit of slack, because the shaft bends during cycling.
By a slight clearance in the bearing you can be sure that the bearing is running smoothly.

constructie van het pedaalMost pedals that can be mounted, have a cup / cone-bearing (Figure 12).
On steel pedals, the cups are integrated into the pedal housing.
At aluminum pedals, steel cups are pressed into the aluminum housing.
The fixed cone is integrated into the shaft and sits on the side of the crank.
The adjusting cone is from the other side turned on the shaft and secured with a lock nut. In pedals small balls are used for 5/32 into the bearing. ”

The bearing is sealed at the end by a dust cover. In order to be able to move the pedal from each other, the dust cover must be removed.

There are also pedals with fixed ball bearings or needle bearings. These pedals can not be adjusted, if its worn, it should be replaced.

In the Shimano clipless pedals are the right cup and left cup integrated in a steel sleeve, it is pressed into the aluminum housing pedal.
The pedal can be disassembled by using a special key to rotate the shaft and bearing cups from the house. The bearing can then be further disassembled.

constructie van het pedaalPedals must have on the front and rear reflectors by law in the Netherlands.
Most pedals for daily use are standard provided with reflectors.
In most sports pedals for use with toe clips or clipless pedals is the reflector missing. Fit preferably a loose reflector on these pedals (Figure 13) .

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