Control over the bike

Control of the bike is more than just moving forward.

When a bicycle is traveling straight ahead, the wheels lie in the same plane.
The center lines of the wheel axles are parallel.
When the steering wheel is turned, the hart lines of the front and rear wheel vut each other.
As a result, the bicycle runs at this intersection point, and makes a turn. The closer the wheels together, the closer the intersection will lie with the bike.
A bike with a shorter wheelbase makes with the same steering a sharper curve than a bicycle with a long wheelbase.

On a bicycle which goes through the bend works not only gravity but also a centripetal force.
At any object that describes a circular path does a middle point seeking force.

This force wants the object swinging outward. Centripetal force can be calculated using the following formula: F mpz = MV2 devided by R.

M = Mass bicycle with cyclist in kilograms.
V = Speed in m/s.
R = The radius of the bend in meter

A cyclist who goes vertically through the bend, may fall by the centripetal force.By sloping through the bend the centripetal force is balanced by the gravity.
When taking a bend the moments must (= force x arm) of gravity and centripetal force on the tire be equal.
The resultant of the two forces will then work along the center line of the bicycle.
If you go faster and sharper through the curve the centripetal force increases. To compensate for this effect by gravity bike must slanted more through the corner.

besturingNot only the moments on the tire must be in balance .
Also the horizontal and vertical forces must be.
In order to make a turn and not be ejected outward, there must be a force acting on the bicycle that is as large as the centripetal force and are directed inward.
This force engages at the tire.
The tire must therefore have a reaction force in the horizontal direction that is equal to the centripetal force.
The tire in the horizontal direction must have enough grip on the road in order to safely go through the bend.
.When the centripetal force exceeds a certain value the grip will no longer be sufficient between the tire and the road surface.
The bike will then slip off the road.
A bicycle will mainly fly out of control when the grip is suddenly bearing: This can happen by loose gravel, oil stains, water, manhole covers or braking in a curve.

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