Cycling Computer.

Cycling Computer.

fietscomputerA cycle computer is an electronic device that speed, distance traveled and other variables indicating a bicycle, and is mounted on the handlebars of the bicycle. LCD display makes reading possible, and with buttons the settings can be changed.

Common options.

A cycle computer consists of the following parts:

  • A sensor on the front fork,
  • A magnet passes the sensor by turning the wheel.
  • A connection cable between the computer and the sensor if it is not a wireless type.
  • Support for the steering wheel to confirm.
  • The cycling computer, that is clicked onto the holder.

The sensor, the cord, and the container are often a whole.
In wireless bike computers is the connection between cycling computer and sensor radio frequency.

Many data that is shown.

From the, in some settings made wheel circumference, the number of revolutions of the wheel and the time, calculates and displays the computer, depending on the type, the following information in whole or in part:

  • Current speed
  • Distance
  • Trip Time
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Total distance (since purchase or general reset of the cycle computer)
  • Clock time
  • Trends

With additional sensors can often be shown:

  • Cadence
  • Heartbeat of the cyclist
  • Height in meters
  • Temperature


The sensor measures at each revolution of the wheel, the passage of the magnet. In a new install bike computer or after replacement of the battery must therefore be implemented across the tire measured circumference of the wheel in the computer’s settings. The number of revolutions of the wheel is so related to the distance traveled. The accuracy is as a rule, greater than 99% and is influenced by factors such as tire pressure, and the nature of the road surface on the side of the tire in cornering driving.


A GPS receiver and a smartphone with a sports tracking app like Endomondo, Runkeeper or Strava can also be used as a wireless bicycle computer. An advantage of this is that there can be pre-entered a route, and that the driving route can be analyzed retrospectively.

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