Cycling posture.

Cycling posture.

If you go biking, a cycle that fits you is very important. It is important that you know what position you want to cycle, of course, it is important in whatever way you want to go cycling. For recreational cycling, then the best cycle upright. Sporty cyclists take an athletic position, but do you really want to go racing, then a deep race posture is important. What to look for in order to make the right decision about choosing your bicycle and the corresponding Cycling posture.

The cycling posture where you sit upright is a comfortable position for your upper body. You can look around and see everything. It’s more fun when you’re sitting upright when you cycle next to another person.
But there are also disadvantages to upright cycling. All your weight rests namely on the saddle. It is difficult for you to come out of your seat, for example when there is a bump in the road. Also, the air resistance is large. You will notice this especially if you ride with a headwind. This takes more effort than in a lower seating position.
In an upright sitting position it makes it more difficult to get the legs around smoothly, and you need a wide saddle so you sit on your buttocks.

In a sportive posture you will have less drag and less weight on the saddle. You sit bent over slightly.
With this posture it is easier to get out of the saddle, and it is easier to move the legs, hip and spine supple around and back and forth.
The sporty posture is heavier for the upper body, although you can also quickly get used to that. Looking around get this way sometimes difficult.
The chance of saddle pain is least at this posture, because not all your weight is resting on the saddle. Part of your weight is supported by your hands.

Cyclists in the racing posture have the least wind resistance and least weight on the saddle. It is hard for the upper body.
You’re not only sitting on the buttocks but also on the pubic bone as you rotate your pelvis. This can be problematic for women.
Looking around is almost impossible, even look forward is difficult.

Where should you pay attention to for a good Cycling posture.
It is important that you have a saddle that suits you.
There are saddles in various widths.
A saddle should support the body in the correct position (the seat bones). Women tend to benefit from a wider saddle because the sit bones of women are farther apart than those of men.
In the selection of the saddle, also plays the cycling position an important role. The further bent, the narrower should be the saddle. This prevents the legs rub against the saddle.

It is very important that your bike has the proper frame size, for a bicycle with the right size is important for maximum enjoyment of cycling. Too large or too small bike can cause physical discomfort while cycling.
There are several sites where you can calculate which frame size is best for you, but you do not have to do this yourself when buying a new bike in the shop, the bike specialist can help you.

In what riding position you want to cycle is very personal. It is important that you think about which bike it is best suited for and that it is properly adjusted. If this is not the case, then this can lead to medical problems.
Common complaints include saddle pain, knee problems, foot problems, neck and shoulder pain, back pain and wrist and hand symptoms.
Therefore, get good advice when buying a new bike to avoid such complaints.

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