Cycling route Tubbergen – Albergen – Geesteren – Vasse

fietsroute-tubbergen-albergen-geesteren-vasseThe latest cycling route on our site is a nodes route in Overijssel. Namely in Twente, around Tubbergen.
The route is 38 kilometers long and takes you into the most beautiful scenery that Twente has to offer.

Tubbergen is beyond the control of the big cities in Twente.
Therefore, the ancient landscape has been preserved here.
Burial mounds, moorland, river valleys, water mills and old farms.
All this you will be shown on the way.
In the northern section of the route, and on the border with Germany is the almost 70 meters high Galgenberg.

Fietsroute Tubbergen – Albergen – Geesteren – Vasse

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