Cycling shoes.

Cycling shoes.

FietsschoenenDuring cycling, the cyclist pushes his feet with great force on the small pedals.
Ordinary shoes are not made for this.
Ordinary shoes have a soft flexible sole allowing the foot to be well settled when walking.
The soles of ordinary shoes bends while cycling through too much and the pressure of the pedal can be felt on the ball of the foot.
Special cycling shoes have a hard, stiff sole, so that the strength of the leg is on the pedal, transmitted through the sole.
A stiff sole distributes the pressure of the pedal better over the entire foot.
FietsschoenenExcept for the hard soles are special bike shoes also necessary when combined with clipless pedals.

Cycling shoes can be divided into three categories:

1. The race shoe specifically for race
2. The walking / cycling shoe for sports and recreational use
3. The mountain bike shoe.

FietsschoenenRace shoes.

Race shoes have an extremely stiff sole to transport the power of the foot on the pedal (fig. 57).
In addition, the shape of the sole is such that the angle between foot and leg is slightly more than 90 degrees.
The sole is in high quality race shoes of carbon fiber.
The shoe itself is made of solid material to provide adequate support.
With the stiff sole and shoe, the specific form and the cleats it is almost impossible to walk with the shoes (Fig. 58).

Walk / bike shoes.

FietsschoenenWalking / cycling shoes are designed to cycle on and walk on.
They have in comparison with the specific race shoe, a slightly less stiff sole, a somewhat less firm shoe sole and a shape that corresponds to ordinary shoes.
The big difference with specific racing shoes, is that the shoe plate is sunken into an outsole.
This makes it possible to simply walk on the shoes.
When a cyclist on holiday wants cycling as well walk much he better can take special walking and cycling shoes or hiking boots and bicycles with pedals mount with a comprehensive platform and toe clips.
FietsschoenenThe rigid sole of bike / running shoes does not make it possible to settle the foot during walking ideal (Fig. 59 t / m 62).

Mountain bike shoes.

Mountain bike shoes have recessed cleats and a sole with grooves.
As a result, you can run on the shoe, for example in order to lift the bicycle over something. In addition, they have the shape of racing shoes and they also offer the same support as racing shoes, to get the same efficiency on terrain and on the road.
In the selection of cycling shoes is, in addition to the function, particularly the fit of interest.
A good bike shoe provides support on all sides of the foot, both at the bottom, front, side, rear and at the top.
A bicycle shoe fits if he gives on all sides support without leaving the foot is pinched.
To assess whether the shoe fits, the shoe should really be tried on the bike in combination with the cleats. The cyclist can both attract and push the shoe and check how the shoe feels when cycling.

Cycling shoes have laces, velcro or combined Velcro / lacing.
Velcro fasteners are easy to loosen and tighten.
The lacing is to secure better and tighter.
When using lacing must be taken to ensure that the foot is not pinched.

FietsschoenenRegular socks are usually too thick to wear in cycling shoes.
The thinner cycling socks provide better contact with the shoe and better moisturizing.
A special elastic ensures that the socks do not go down.

Cycling socks made of cotton and polypropylene and are available in both long and short version.
figure 63

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