Cycling shorts.

Cycling shorts.

FietsbroekenIf you’re going to Cycle intense a regular pants and underpants is on a bike with a small sport saddle, the skin at the cross after a time will be irritated painful.
This is because the clothing fabric rubs against the skin.
This problem can be solved by wearing a special bike shorts with a leather crotch.
The leather is like a second skin in the groin and causes that not the skin but the leather rubs on the saddle.
Of course a cycling shorts must be worn without underwear.
Also the inner thighs may irritate painful.
This can be prevented by wearing a tight, smooth trouser.
The smooth fabric then slides along the saddle in place of the skin.
Almost all bike pants are made of Lycra .
It is an elastic substance that passes perspiration.
In the selection of a good cycling pants there you should notice the following points:

  • The thickness of the leather. In a soft saddle fits a bike shorts with thin pad.
    In a hard saddle can be better worn shorts with slightly thicker pad to provide a little more comfort.
  • FietsbroekenThe fit of the leather. This should be snug against the skin.
    A cyclist can check the fit really only by sitting on his own saddle.
  • The fit of the pants. The trousers should sit tightly on the body without pinching off the muscles.
    A cycling shorts with straps remains better than sitting trousers without straps.
    In addition, the back is better protected against cold.
    A trouser fits in better with the body as it consists of more buildings.
  • Workmanship and material of the pad.
    FietsbroekenThe best cycling shorts today have an art chamois leather of synthetic material.
    The advantages of a art leather with respect to the chamois leather leather are art that the chamois leather is easy to wash, dries faster, is more hygienic, less likely to wear and has a better fit.
    The fewer seams the better.
    Seams may irritate the skin.
  • Tights must be washed because of the cleanliness after a day.
    The combination of perspiration, and a heat sensitive skin is ideal in order to get an infection.

Also special sport underwear with chamois leather crotch is available for people who can not tolerate tight pants.
And sports underwear can be worn under any trousers.


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