Deeper Lock, Anti-theft lock of the future?

 Is the Deeper Lock the anti-theft lock of the future?

It would be possible that a lock like the Deeper Lock will be.

Bikes are popular and often pricey to purchase.
Certainly bicycles with support or even fully electrically powered are for thieves, of course, a popular item.
That’s why there are many ways to protect your bike.
The Deeper Lock, which will soon be started via Kickstarter, can be that lock.

The Tech-Powered Deeper Lock.

For bike thieves is a comparison simple – the risk of being caught versus the reward of sales is nil.
So if your bike is a big reward for a thief, your only solution is to eliminate the risk.
And that’s exactly what Deeper Lock does.

What’s the Deeper Lock.

1: As soon as Deeper Lock motion sensors are activated, you will receive a warning. Now the clock is ticking for the thief.
2: An alarm of 110dB now sounds.
3: The thief now comes with a mounted, keyless, steel reinforced lock that is designed to not break open easily.
4: Even if they endanger the lock, the Deeper Lock PRO + model has a built-in GPS, which allows you to always find out where your bike is on your smartphone.

The Deeper Lock can be ordered soon on Kickstarter. The price is not known yet.

For more information about the Deeper Lock .

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