Derailleur chain.

The Derailleur chain.

derailleurkettingA derailleur chain is narrower than a chain that is used on a bicycle with coaster brake or gear hub. These chains are flexible, so they can move sideways.

Derailleur chains are available in many different versions.
All the chains are provided with so-called switching passages in order to promote the smooth shifting under load.
The shape of the chain is adapted to the shape of the chain-wheels and blades.

Manufacturers specify the sprockets their chain is suitable and which are not.

derailleurkettingA derailleur chain can be mounted in different ways.

The Shimano chain is mounted with a special punching pin and a special punch. When reassembling a Shimano chain you must always use a new Punch Pin. Please note also wich system is used, the Punch Pin for speed system is shorter.

derailleurkettingChains of Sachs / SRAM can be disassembled and assembled using a power link. The power link operates in the same manner as the connecting link of an “ordinary” bicycle chain. Only the locking, the so-called fish, is included in the connecting link.

Also at the mounting of the power link has to be ensured, if there is used an 8-speed or 9-speed system. We use the Power Link II for a speed system. This is narrower.

derailleurkettingThe power link can easily be disconnected by pressing the two links with two fingers and moving the chain with the other hand to the power link.






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