E-bike is there for everyone.

More and more e-bikes are being sold. Especially for residential and school students, the electric bike is becoming more and more popular.
And to buy an E-bike instead, they are also leased much more nowadays.

E-bikes are no longer just for old people, but nowadays, schoolers are increasingly riding on an e-bike. Under the sixteen they are not allowed to moped, but the distance from home to school is often over 15 kilometers. An E-bike is then an outcome.
The fact that buying an E-bike for parents is more expensive does not compensate for the cost of an OV Card, and in addition, movement is very important for teenagers.

Technology continues.

The ever-increasing range of E-bikes also reduces the price. The technology to produce an E-bike is getting cheaper and more and more brands are on the market.
More and more people use an electric bicycle in urban traffic. And we will see more the lease bike, the ‘bike of the company’.
The speed e-bike is then chosen more often, which can reach a speed of 45 km per hour.
Often employees get even money when they hand in the lease car and choose a speed.
It’s saves incredible on fuel, road taxes and maintenance.
And health also plays a role. Healthy employees produce more.

Health is important.

Health is becoming more and more important.
It has long been apparent from various studies that movement is good for body and mind.
And it does not even have to be physically seriously movement.
More and more people prefer to ride the bike.