E-bike with 4GB of RAM.


This E-Bike is a smartphone on wheels.

LeEco is one of the largest companies in China producing bicycles and wants to enter the global market with his e-bike called Le Syvrac.
The bike has an Android operating system on a 4-inch display on the steering wheel, has a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM, laser lights, a heart rate sensor and built-in speakers and camera.

We already are seeing cooperation between smartphones and bicycles more and more.
Route apps, fitness apps, tracking devices, and even an app to open a lock.
You can not name it, if it comes on the market.

Le Syvrac is a bike that still goes one step further by integrating a smartphone in the bike.
The bike has laser lights that show a red stripe on the sides, so that car drivers can clearly see what is the best safe distance to pass the e-bike.

The bike is completely hitech. Includes alarm system, a smart phone app tracking data and much more.


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