ELF, an e-bike or an electric car?

ELFElf, a bike or a car ?

It is called ELF, and is a cross between an E-bike and an electric car.
ELF stands for Electric, Light and Fun. And when you see the youtube videos about this vehicle then you believe it immediately.
The cycling and transport world will increasingly stand on its head.
The more and more we realize that the traditional fuel vehicles are polluting, expensive and actually totally unnecessary for many journeys, the more you start thinking about alternatives.
In a world where a lot of people who are going to and from their work take less than 50 km there is plenty possible to travel in a much more environmentally friendly way than by car.

The ELF is one such vehicle that makes this possible.

Actually, it’s a regular recumbent, complete with steering wheel, pedals and hand brake.
But the ELF also has a lightweight cockpit with rooftop solar panels to charge the batteries while cycling, and when he is parked.
The pedal support helps the bike, and can even completely take over at times when the rider wants to rest, or if the hill is too heavy to climb.

The ELF will for the most part be put together by hand by the Organic Transit’s Durham plant.
With a full battery, the ELF can ride about 32 km on its own, and as power assistance go to 50 km.
But thanks to the solar panels on the roof and in good sunny weather this distance can be further increased.

The Fietssite is very excited about it. What do you think ?
Is the Netherlands ready for such vehicles? Or will we still also have something to do with our infrastructure.
You see in other countries, though, more and more bicycle highways are being realized.
Is such a thing possible in the Netherlands?

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