Fauber crankshaft.

The Fauber crankshaft.

De FaubertrapasIn Fauber crankshaft (Fig. 43) the bottom bracket and cranks are one piece.
The big advantage is that the cranks can not work loose.
This type of crankshaft is mainly applied to BMX Cycling, because the connection between the cranks and bottom bracket at these bikes are heavily taxed when jumping.
The construction is in accordance with the Thompson Principe with pressed Cups.
Placing the Fauber crankshaft Combination requires some dexterity.
The right hand cone at the Fauber crankshaft has a larger wire (15/16 “x 24 TPI) than the left adjusting cone (7/8” 24 TPI, because the right hand cone can only be mounted through the left of the axle crank.
On the right Crank is a shaft-like ridge that fits into the chain wheel and ensure a good connection between the drive sprocket and Crankas combination.

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