Fiberglass, also Fibre (British English) or fiber (American English), is a hair-thin fiber formed from glass.
It is used for the reinforcement of all kinds of plastics.
For example, it is used in fishing rods, brake pads and skis and parts and frames of bicycles.
The material thus created is called a composite.

A composite is a material which is built up from different components.
Often, herewith fiber-reinforced plastics intended.
The fibers provide for the transmission of tensile forces, and the matrix (often a plastic material) holds the fibers together and allows for the transmission of compressive forces and shear stresses.
Best known fibers which are incorporated into composites are fiber glass, aramid (Twaron and Kevlar), carbon fiber, and recently nanotubes.
In addition, natural fibers like flax or hemp composites are also used.

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