Cycling Wear.

Cycling Wear.

FietskledingThe sporty cyclist, bike fun can increase significantly by purchasing clothing that is specifically designed to carry on the bike.
The conditions on the bike are different than normal and it is wise to wear clothing that is tailored to the specific circumstances.

The following reasons special cycling gear can be used:

  • To combat perspiration (special bike shirts, sweat shirts and breathable rainwear).
  • FietskledingTo protect the rider from rain. And in order to protect the cyclist against the cold.
  • To increase the safety of the cyclist (bicycle helmets, gloves and clothing with reflective stripes).
  • To improve the support on the bike (bike shorts with chamois leather crotch, special cycling shoes and cycling gloves).

Bike Shirts.

During (sporting) bike tours, perspires a cyclist.
FietskledingPerspiration, the heat just drains as it evaporates. If Perspiration can not evaporate, the body does not cool properly.
In addition, wet clothing loses its insulating property. At the moment you stand still or less intensively going to ride you’ll get cold by the wet clothes. Especially the torso should remain dry as the lungs, heart and organs are vulnerable to cold and infections. In fine weather a thin shirt sweeps sweat away enough (Fig. 53).

At slightly colder weather can be better worn a long-sleeved shirt which not only dissipates perspiration, but is also windproof.
In really cold weather it is to recommend a windproof jacket with fleece lining.

In addition to good moisture management properties a cycling shirt must also be pretty tight to the body.
FietskledingThis makes the cyclist aerodynamic and protects the shirt better against the wind.
Between the shirt and the shorts, the back should not be exposed.
Good cycling shirts are long enough and have elastic at the bottom to prevent the shirt upward curl.

Cycling gear was originally designed for men.
As more and more women go cycling and the physique of a woman is different from that of a man, there is now cycling clothing for women available.

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