Finishing of the bicycle frame

Finishing of the bicycle frame.

A good finish of the bicycle frame is very critical to the appearance and quality of the frame. Important is the finish of the paint, finishing the connections, dropouts and tabs on the frame. The nicer welds finished the higher the quality the bicycle frame.

Tabs on the frame

On the frame thre are a large number of tabs available, for example, the cable guides, mounting fenders and racks, lock, confirmation of one or two bottle cages and the mounting of the brakes. When buying, it is important that the right tabs are provided for additional accossoires you want to have on the bike.


afwerking van het frameThe rear cams are on cheap bikes usually made of steel. On more expensive bikes, they are forged or cast. The traditional dutch bike dropouts were made by flattening the chainstay and there punching in a slot. Hereby a plate was welded where the seatstays is screwed on. This construction is nowadays hardly used. A new development is the dropout with replaceable derailleureye on sports bikes of aluminum or carbon. When the eye is crooked by the the derailleur or chain between the rear wheel, it can be easy to replace.

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