Flemish cycling highways have the same logo.

fietssnelweg-vlaanderen-bordThe five Flemish provinces have jointly developed a logo and uniform signage for the fietsostrades / bicycle highways.
That should make it more recognizable for the 110 bike highways in Flanders, accounting for 2400 kilometers, .

The provinces of Antwerp, Limburg, Flemish Brabant, East and West Flanders are strongly committed to a network of bike highways.
Preferably a fietsostrade runs on an independent bike path or a towpath.
With lack of space she runs on a bike path, a road or a car-free road.
By which different types of infrastructure following the fietsostrade or bicycle highway is not always clear.
Therefore the five Flemish provinces have developed a “pathway language ‘which fietsostrades will be recognizable.
The route language consists of a logo, a route column, signage and a unique numbering for each bike highway.

The province of Flemish Brabant test the logo and signage out on the bike highway Leuven-Brussels.
The province of Antwerp simultaneously installed a pilot project on the fietsostrade Antwerp-Essen.
The five Flemish provinces developed the logo and signage along with designer Stefan Schöning.
Each bike highway received a unique code, the letter F + a number.
Thus, the bicycle highway Leuven-Brussels ‘F3’ and fietsostrade Antwerp-Essen ‘F14’.
The numbering is similar to that of motorways and runs over the county borders.
It offers cyclists clearer route instructions but is also useful for planners and emergency services.

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