Heart Rate Monitors.

Heart Rate Monitors.

HartslagmetersBy measuring the heart rate, the cyclist can get an idea of the power it produces at that time. The higher the pulse rate, the higher the effort and the sooner will hit the cyclist fatigued.
A heart rate monitor makes it possible to dose the better physical effort in a match, and to train more effectively. It is especially important to know at what heart rate muscles go sour.
With acidified muscles you can only cycle for a short time and especially with intensive tours it should prevent the cyclist acidification.

To properly use a heart rate monitor, the athlete must have knowledge of his body.
He must know at what heart rate to coach and how long he could maintain a certain heart rate. This knowledge is to gain with experience and good record the details of training and competition, and / or by using an ergometer test.
In an ergometer test, the power to be delivered by the rider is slowly increased.
The movement of the heart during this test gives an indication of the condition of the cyclist.
Based on the test advice is given of how much and at with what heart rate the rider should train to improve his condition (Fig. 40).

A heart rate monitor consists of two parts: a sensor that is worn to the bare chest and a receiver that is worn around the wrist.
This sensor measures the heartbeat and sends each time the heart beats to the receiver a signal .
HartslagmetersThe receiver then calculates the time between two signals, the number of heart beats per minute.
The receiver is normally worn on the wrist. There are holders available for the heart rate monitor so it can be mounted on the handlebars so that during the cycling it is easy to read (Fig. 41).

How luxurious the heart rate monitor, the more features. The simplest gauges only display the current heart rate.
Luxurious heart rate monitors can store all kinds of data in their memory, like the time the cyclist trains at a certain heart rate.
They can also let off an alarm if the heart rate is above or below a certain value.
The most luxurious heart rate monitors have a memory that the value of the heartbeat stores throughout the workout.
The data can be entered after the training in a PC and analyzed.


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