Bicycle helmets

Helmets come in all shapes and sizes. Colored helmets, ultra-light helmets, retro look, go on.
But there is only one thing really important when choosing a helmet. And that’s security!

Safety first with the helmets.

The wearing of bicycle helmets will reduce the risk of brain damage after a crash by as much as 85%.
To avoid severe head injuries, wearing a bicycle helmet is an absolute must.
Also, be careful with your helmet, so it retains its protective properties.
But see the purchase of a helmet now not only as a necessary evil.
Make a virtue of necessity with the beautiful collections that exist on the market today.

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There are relatively many victims among 12 to 17 year olds and 50s and above(from SWOV fact sheet ‘cyclists’).
Children fall often on their heads, while older people just break arms and legs.
A helmet could counteract the injury.
A good helmet is provided and the proper use of the helmet as well and it is sometimes lacking.

The trend to wear a helmet is more and more.
Not so long ago it was unthinkable that someone in the Netherlands cycled with a helmet.
Now that is definitely no longer the case. Wearing a helmet has been established with racing cyclists and mountain bikers.

Buying a bicycle helmet

When buying a helmet, you need to pay attention to fit, quality, ventilation and weight of the helmet.
The helmet should sit as it were like a second skin on your head.
It is then important that the helmet remains on the head at the same position, after the size is set from the straps and the helmet.
To reach that size, you can measure the best two centimeters above the eyebrows your head circumference.
The straps should keep the ears and after being set not to slip.
Finally, check always whether this conforms to EU standard EN 1078, this safetynorm means
that the helmet has been extensively tested and that a Dutch manual is provided with it.
In some cases it is used incorrectly standard EN 1077 (for ski helmets) and EN 1080,
these helmets are not suitable for while cycling. The EN 1078 standard is also used for children’s helmets.

After a fall or accident, the helmet is unusable. By the fall, the helmet is damaged.
This may relate to visible damage to the exterior, but also invisible damage inside the helmet.
It is therefore also advisable in order to buy a new helmet in such a case.
It is also advisable to replace the helmet after 3 to 5 years, as also occurs wear and tear to bicycle helmets, and therefore the protection over time is less.
For these reasons, it is not advisable to buy a used helmet, because you know nothing about the age of the helmet and whether there has been a accident with it.

A bicycle helmet can cost between 25 and 250 euros.
Because all bicycle helmets in the EU must meet safety standards, all bicycle helmets have a safe quality and you will therefore get no extra security by buying a more expensive helmet.
The price differences are in particular the difference in comfort, ventilation, aerodynamics and weight.
Additionally, you can of course pay attention to the brand and the look of the helmet.

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