How good are bikes from a discount store ?

discounterFor 200 euros there is already a bike for sale at a discount.
Large companies such as Aldi, Lidl and now even at Ikea sell bikes, but how good are they?

The news quickly spread in recent weeks: Ikea will sell bicycles from August.
The Sladda, and the usual white model will cost about 700 euros, and for Family cardholders even 200 euros cheaper.
A competitive price for a bicycle which is not driven by a chain, but a low-maintenance belt drive.
This is nothing new under the sun, but rather a rarity on budget cycles.
There is a range of expansion options you can purchase for the bike.

The question that naturally arises when a furniture giant will sell bikes: How good or bad is the Sladda?
Ikea is ultimately not known for furniture that will last a lifetime.
And the bicycle of a discount store, hardware store, department stores and supermarket have not got a particularly good reputation.
Tests often show that the shifting mechanism is often weak, there is an imbalance in the tires, handles are loose etc.
There are even models withdrawn after criticism about the quality.

Are these exceptions, or is it worth a look, and make such a bargain?

Why are bicycles so cheap?

An ATB bike for well under € 500?
Not uncommon at a discount as Lidl, Aldi or hardware store.
The low price is mainly due to the sale, manufacturing and components.
The purchase of large quantities of materials, the cheap assembly and the lack of a brand name, make it possible to bring a bicycle on the market for a very low price.
The composition of the cycle often happens in Asian countries, where the hourly wage is much lower.
And the mass production of lower-quality steel and aluminum make this all possible.

How good are the bikes from a discount store?

Great illusions about qualitative perfect bike you should not get a bike from a discount store.
But really bad? They are not that bad.
Use your bike for short residence – work trips, for students to get from home to school or for a message around the corner, the bikes are often good enough.
Provided that they themselves also have the technical knowledge to maintain your bike.

What is the biggest risk factor?

The assembly of the bicycle. Many of the discount store bikes are not operational when you buy them.
Carefully check the bike on the assembly. Are all nuts and bolts tight? There are no battles in the wheels?
Is the tire pressure well, and lighting works well, for example, are things one should definitely pay attention to.

There are cheap alternatives?

On the second hand market, there are partially quality bikes at dumping prices.Through all the innovations in the market, there are mainly older models, dead stocks and discontinued models for sale that are worth less.If you want to buy a good, high quality, bike then this is an alternative.But watch out.Is the bike not stolen , and is the quality really good?

When in doubt, go to your local bicycle retailer for a bicycle.

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