Hydraulic rim brakes.

Hydraulic rim brakes.

Magura, brings to market hydraulic rim brakes, which are very powerful and are good and ready to dose.

Hydraulische velgremmenThe brake consists of two cylinders which are provided at the ends of brake pads. See Figure 43 . The cylinders are connected through oil lines with each other and with the cylinder in the brake lever. The brake cylinders can be put fixed with clamps on the frame. This requires special lugs welded on the fork. see figure 44 . In order also to be able to mount the brake on the other bikes, there are available clamps which are screwed to the cams of the cantilever brakes. On bicycles in which only a hole for the attachment of a side or middle optrekrem can be screwed a special U-bracket. On this U-bracket the brake cylinders can be clamped. Because the fork using hydraulic rim brakes are heavily loaded, it may be useful to mount a bracket-shaped brake booster. The load on the fork is then less.

The pads are simply clicked on the brake cylinder and are therefore easy to replace. Since during braking, the brake pads are always pressed against the cylinder, there is no risk of them coming off. Through the use of cylinders move the brake pads is always perpendicular to the rim. This allows the brake can not shoot in the tire or rim. The distance of the brake pads to the frame can be adjusted by loosening the cylinders and to put them something closer to the rim. The pads can also be put closer to the rim by a set screw in the handle. However, the handle is hereby also be moved closer to the steering tube.

Hydraulische velgremmen








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