Integrated brake switching systems.

Integrated brake switching systems for racing handlebars.

Geïntegreerde remlschakelsystemenCombined brake / shifters (Fig. 49) have become the standard for mounting on racing bikes.
Both Campagnolo and Shimano provide good integrated brake / shifters.
The big advantage is over the old Commanders on the down tube, that the hands not need to be removed of the handlebar during switching.
The combined brake / switches are safer and more ergonomic than traditional commanders.

The dual control system of Shimano uses two levers for each adjuster.
The outer handle, which is also the brake lever is used for switching to a larger sprocket.
Geïntegreerde remlschakelsystemenFor a larger sprocket you can switch by pushing the lever inwards.
This applies to both adjusters.

Behind the brake lever is a little lever. This is used for switching to a smaller sprocket.
By pushing it inward, it will toggle to a smaller sprocket.

The newest versions of the Dual Control levers can be provided with controls for the cycling computer.
This must be the Flightdeck computer from Shimano.

Geïntegreerde remlschakelsystemenThe derailleur cable and the brake cable of a Dual Control lever mechanism can be replaced easily to switch just like the thumb shifters with a barrel that is positioned and held by teeth where raids catches.
The mechanism is in the head of the brake, making it much bigger than conventional brake levers.
This has the added advantage that the brake lever can serve well as a handle.

If the mechanism does not function anymore, the switching unit can be removed from each other (Fig. 50).
The mechanism can then be cleaned and provided with new Teflon grease.
Geïntegreerde remlschakelsystemenThe actual switching unit with ratchet mechanism can not be taken apart.

The replacement of the derailleur cable is as follows.

  • Get the derailleur cable from the derailleur
  • Squeeze the brake lever of the Dual Control Lever a little bit.
  • Now push against the derailleur cable, this will come out on the side (inside) of the adjuster.
  • A new derailleur cable can now be entered on the side of the Dual Control shifter.
  • Adjust the derailleur.

Geïntegreerde remlschakelsystemenThe replacement of the brake cable is as follows.

  • Release the brake cable on the brake.
  • Squeeze the brake lever slightly.
  • The brake cable can be removed at the front of the Dual Control Lever.
  • A new brake cable can now be entered on the front of the Dual Control Lever.
  • Adjust the brake.

In the combined brake / switch unit of Campagnolo, the switching mechanism is accommodated in the fixed part of the brake.
The switching off is done with the push-button on the inside of the brake.
Upshifting with the lever is done with the button behind the brake lever.
The mechanism is similar to that of Shimano with barrel and pawls.

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